Commercial & Industrial Waste Resource Recovery Line, QLD

Improved recovery of recyclable material delivers less waste and more revenue

Our client was seeking to improve existing landfill operations to include a resource recovery capability at one of their large metropolitan transfer stations, providing an additional resource recovery opportunity, reduce waste destined for landfill and generate additional revenue stream.

SKALA was approached to propose a solution for the resource recovery line and in particular address the requirement to screen the infeed material enabling a smaller fraction to bypass the sorting operation and reduce burden on the sorting and metal extraction. Key challenges common to the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste stream are the significant variability in the material, high volumes and difficulty in screening such a feedstock without pre-shredding.

Following consideration of a range of screening technologies SKALA proposed for this application the latest generation FINGER-SCREEN™ 2.0. The FINGER-SCREEN™ 2.0 is the latest version of the highly regarded FINGER-SCREEN™ however through the use of two mass vibration and splitting the machine into two halves enables double the amplitude of traditional Fingerscreens. This increased stroke provides the additional energy and agitation of the material to enable screening of such lightweight and bulky material.

The overall plant was designed within a spatially constrained area and existing infrastructure such as tunnels & traffic flows. Construction of the plant was undertaken whilst the site remained fully operational, required detailed planning and coordination with the site operational team.

This project has resulted in a substantial recovery of recyclable materials including cardboard, ferrous/nonferrous metals, glass, film & timber.