System With Membrane Cover

For composting and biological drying of organic waste with pressure ventilation and membrane cover, the CONVAERO process benefits from the natural biodegradation of organic matters by microorganisms existing in waste.

A specially designed membrane cover is placed over the waste heap, with air channels in the floor providing sufficient flow of air through the waste. In this controlled and monitored environment, the microorganisms decompose organic matter and heat is produced as part of the metabolic activities, which causes the temperature in the waste heap and under the cover to rise. Depending on your requirements, the process is customised according to the purpose of waste drying or composting.

For waste drying: temperature rises to 60-70 degrees Celsius to evaporate water in the waste. After 2 to 4 weeks, what remains of the waste is a dry, odourless and stabilised substance that is easy to handle and separate.

For composting: temperatures of 60-70 degrees Celsius sanitise the waste. The process is designed to provide sufficient O2 to maintain aerobic condition and this creates an ideal environment for degradation of waste.



CONVAERO System Brochure