Terra Select

T 50 Mobile Trommel Screening Machine

You may be looking for a machine that screens two different fractions. Or you want to have flexibility in selecting the type of feedstock. Perhaps, for example, in your everyday processing operations you are just as much involved with compost as with refuse or soil – added to this, you need a screening machine that has both compact dimensions and a high level of technical refinement. Within the five metre screening class, the T 50 Mobile Trommel Screening Machine offers you all round performance that will meet your requirements.

Due to its high level of technical equipment, the T 50 can be used for virtually all types of materials. Regardless of whether you have compost, soil, refuse, wood or metal, the Terra Select T 50 Trommel Screen allows you to easily separate fine and oversized particles.

Features of the Terra Select T 50 Trommel Screen include:

  • Trommel Screening Machine for compost, soil, wood, refuse and metal
  • Optional fine particle belt 8,060 mm long
  • Single-piece conveyor belt for fine material
  • Drum diameter of 2,000 mm
  • Screening capacity of up to 150 m³ per hour
  • Feed hopper with a volume of more than 6 m³
  • Quiet diesel engine (55 kW).



Terra Select Trommel Screens Brochure