Recycling Waste Screen

Leading recycling companies throughout the world trust the SPALECK Recycling Waste Screen, which offers optimum screening quality, performance and reliability.

Made in Germany since 1869, SPALECK designs screening machines to recycle optimally and earn money with the greatest possible open screen surfaces. In this way, you achieve the highest screening performance with maximum screening quality.

The SPALECK Recycling Waste Screen handles all types of recycling materials such as domestic, industrial and bulky waste, wrappings, biomass, matured timber, old tires, electronic waste, roofing paper, shredder material, building rubble, mixed construction site waste, metal, etc. The benefits include:

  • An almost blockage-free screening procedure, also with very different screening material
  • Very pure screening fractions and the highest screening quality
  • Minimum effort for cleaning with very good accessibility
  • High screening performance thanks to the greatest possible open screening surfaces
  • Very low operating costs and maximum machine availability.



SPALECK Recycling Waste Screen Brochure