General Kinematics

DE-STONER® Air Classifier

The DE-STONER® Air Classifier incorporates three dynamic elements for optimal density separation:

  • Vibration – two-mass natural frequency design liberates materials, and spreads it across the unit effectively
  • Fluidisation – preps the material bed for the air knife by creating turbulence to stratify the materials and liberate the lights trapped beneath heavies
  • Classification – the air knife provides the final separation, partially by density, partially with aerodynamics, for optimal results.

Available in two fraction to five fraction separation models, the DE-STONER® is adaptable to a wide variety of materials, processes large volumes, and is virtually jam-resistant. Vibratory action moves the material while light materials are discharged into the dropout box.

Features of the General Kinematics DE-STONER® Air Classifier include:

  • Separates heavy product from light product
  • Eliminate Environmental hazards associated with water separation
  • Easily adjustable to obtain varying degrees of separation
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of products
  • Jam-resistant. Material flow has zero contact with moving parts
  • Low energy demand with low HP motor and GK’s proven Two-Mass Design
  • Fully isolated design minimises foundation requirements
  • Heavy-duty, built to last construction
  • Testing available.



General Kinematics De-Stoner® Air Classifier Brochure