SE 25 Pre-Shredder

The slow-running FORUS SE 25 Pre-Shredder is suitable for all types of refuse and wood, household, bulk, or commercial waste, plastic sheet, paper and electronic waste, as well as demolition timber, green waste and root stocks.

Depending on the input material, throughput is between 10 to a maximum of 40 tonnes per hour (household waste: 40 t/h, wood 15-20 t/h, commercial waste 10-15 t/h). The final particle size varies from 0 to 350 mm, and is always dependent on the input material and the crushing beam selected. This can be raised and lowered hydraulically and is available from type A1 to A5, depending on requirements.

The shredding unit of the mobile shredder can be easily adapted to the material and the required final particle size. The tools for the two rotors, the planetary gears for the drive and the type of crushing beam can be freely selected. Both rotors are independent from each other in their rotating direction and rotational speed.

Features of the FORUS SE 25 Pre-Shredder include:

  • Slow-running pre-shredder
  • Two-shaft shredder
  • For shredding wood and refuse
  • Breaker bar, capable of being raised and lowered
  • Magnetic separator, adjustable via hydraulic system.



FORUS Shredders Brochure