CK International


The CKTR63 is the ideal entry level twin ram baler and provides a cost effective solution for customers who require the benefits of a twin ram baler. It can process up to 3.5 tonnes per hour. The CKTR63 produces high density bales which are easily loaded on shipping containers and optimises payload. A range of materials can be baled in this machine.

Key Features:

  • Rotatable heavy duty shearing blades made from D2 hardened steel
  • Replaceable Hardox liners in baling chamber
  • Tongue and groove castellated floor
  • Left or right hand ejection option
  • Wire & plastic tying options available
  • Position sensor on all rams
  • HMI touch screen controls
  • Heavy duty hopper, flared or conveyor fed
  • PLC with ethernet connection for monitoring and programming
  • Multiple material programmes to vary compaction force and number of ties
  • Bale discharge table
  • Category 4 safety system
  • Transport in a single 40′ shipping container