BS Ballistic Separator

The Ballistic Separator BRT HARTNER BS is the best choice for an effective sorting process at low cost and with high availability.

It separates the material into three fractions. The separation process is done in just one step. The movement of the paddles sets the infeed material into vibration for a vertical as well as a horizontal conveying direction. The vertical acceleration mixes the material thoroughly which leads to excellent separation and yields a high screening quality.

The BS Ballistic Separator separates the material based on the climbing ability and the irregular ballistic behavior of the components. Rolling and bulky objects, stones, bottles and other hollow bodies submit to the ballistic principle and travel to the lower end of the machine (3D) where they are discharged. Lightweight and flat material, foils, textiles and paper migrate upward, subject to their individual climbing ability, to the overflow at the upper end of the machine (2D). During this process, the lightweight matter is hurled up repeatedly. By the time the matter lands on the screen, most of the fine debris clinging to it (such as moist soil or dust) will have been removed. A third fraction is achieved as a sieve fraction by the perforation of the sieve on the paddles. The size of the sieve grid can be chosen according to the material.

The conveying speed, the ballistic separation and the level of material mixing can be adjusted by modifying the rotational speed, achieving a separation precision of up to 90%.

Features of the BRT HARTNER BS Ballistic Separator include:

  • Sturdy and solid design
  • Separation into three fractions done in one step
  • High separation quality
  • Numerous parameter settings
  • Dedusting and cleaning of lightweight fraction from fine debris and adhesions
  • Optimal separation result with different materials
  • Maintenance-friendly bearings and shafts
  • Exchangeable sieve grids on the paddles
  • Easy and direct drive system.



BRT HARTNER Ballistic Separators Brochure