BB Bale Breaker

The BRT HARTNER BB Bale Breaker serves for breaking open compressed bales of PET-bottles, waste paper, residual waste, plastic waste and many other recyclables. The BB Bale Breaker does not crush but rather loosens the material for a most effective material sorting – then the unraveled and metered material is transported downstream to subsequent treatment processes.

The integrated standard moving floor conveyor allows for an even material stream to the bale breaking unit, which consists of a drum and a dynamic down holding device. This system ensures ideal loosening of the material without blockages by impurities.

The Bale Breaker reaches a throughput of up to 10 tons per hour and is designed for a maximum press bale weight of 1,500 kg.

Features of the BRT HARTNER BB Bale Breaker include:

  • Suitability for PET-bottles, residual waste, plastic containers, waste paper, sorting rests, etc
  • Efficient bale breaking and loosening up of the material
  • Even and continuous material discharge
  • Throughput rate infinitely adjustable
  • Large bale hopper for long feeding intervals
  • Ready-for-operation design with drives and electrical control system
  • Plug-in walls for flexible use of the machine



BRT HARTNER BB Bale Breaker Brochure