All Metal Separator

BlueMAC’s Mobile All Metal Separator (AMS) is a tracked self-propelled machine designed to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from feed material. By utilising the very latest engineering techniques and software, the All Metal Separator has revolutionised the way in which you can streamline your operational tasks and cut down your over heads.

Features of the BlueMAC All Metal Separator include:

  • Vibratory pan feeder – the machine consists of a vibratory pan feeder discharging onto a rare earth magnetic drum separator which in turn discharges onto the Eddy Current separator
  • Three conveyor discharge – two conveyors discharge ferrous and non-ferrous material to the side of the machine and a third conveyor discharges the final screened product to the stockpile
  • Track mounted machines – the machine parts are mounted onto a chassis, which in turn is mounted onto a pair of tracks to allow for movement over uneven or unprepared surfaces
  • Mobile metal separation – our tracked, metal separators bring flexibility to a site. Naturally the ferrous, and in particular the non-ferrous material, can generate new revenue streams for your business. It is however also the quality of the remaining material, particularly wood for biomass, that is improved.



BlueMAC All Metal Separator Brochure