Bale Dewirer

The new machine for mechanical dewiring of pressed bales.

What is the easiest way to open bales of pressed plastic, foil, PET-bottles or paper? How are all occupational health and safety regulations complied with and plant processes optimized at the same time?

What other machine solutions exist for opening compressed bales besides costly shredders? The Bale Dewirer BRT HARTNER BD is the ideal solution for automatic removal of wire strappings. Easy, effective and without any risk of injury.

An automated solution for the unwiring of pressed bales is nowadays an indispensable part of most sorting and recycling plants as manual wire removal bears a high risk of injury for the employees due to the wires popping open. Even the best protective equipment proves impractical in most cases.

Many companies still rely on shredding technology when it comes to de-wiring. However, this is very expensive and often does not comply with the requirements for further treatment of the material. Even though shredding or crushing with subsequent magnetic separation also removes the wires, the material is shredded into pieces which makes ensuing sorting extremely difficult. In addition, a lot of material is lost due to the generation of fines.

The Bale Dewiring Device BD just opens and removes the wire strappings and then transfers the material as a whole to subsequent processing steps.

How does the Bale Dewiring BD work?
The bales to be opened are fed onto a sturdy steel plate belt conveyor. The conveyor transports the bales towards the dewiring system. As soon as the bale has reached the operating position, a hydraulically operated clamping bar pushes against the bale. The cutting device grips and cuts the wires. Then, the wire-coiling mechanism takes up the wires, coils them and discards them towards the bottom. The clamping and cutting unit is moved back to the starting position. The process starts again with the next bale.

The Bale Dewirer is designed for pressed bales with unidirectional wiring made of ungalvanized standard steel. The max. wire thickness is 4 mm.

Bale Dewiring and Bale Breaking
For optimal bale opening, the BD Bale Dewiring System should be complemented by the BB Bale Breaker by BRT HARTNER. This machine breaks up and loosens the contents of the dewired bales and transfers the material in a metered manner to subsequent treatment processes. Now nothing stands in the way of effective sorting and post-processing.

This complete automatization of material preparation by BRT HARTNER technology saves you personnel, time and costs.



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