A 75 Turner

The BACKHUS A 75 Turner is a self-propelled windrow turner with the highest level of throughput and practical and flexible handling.

Whether for organic or green waste, sewage sludge or even residues and sugar cane production, the A 75 Turner delivers efficient windrow composting. Equally, the self-propelled windrow turner is also extremely capable in the fields of soil remediation and industrial mixing of different substrates, with throughput rates of up to 7,000 m³ per hour.

With the integrated BACKHUS Management System (BMS), the self-propelled A 75 Turner also provides fuel savings of up to 15%.

Features of the BACKHUS A 75 Turner include:

  • Self-propelled windrow turner with a throughput of up to 7,000 m³ per hour, dependent on material
  • Composting of organic and green waste, as well as sewage sludge, etc.
  • Fuel savings of up to 15%
  • Ergonomic engineering design
  • Generous 360 degree, all round view cabin.



BACKHUS Windrow Turners Brochure