A 60 / A 65 Turner

The BACKHUS A 60 / A 65 Turners for windrow composting are not just as an extension of your individual composting strategy, but also a low-key process control tool that ensures the high quality of your end product.

By using the self-propelled turner for composting of organic, green and agricultural waste or industrial sludge you will achieve outstanding throughput rates of up to 5,500 m³ per hour. In addition, BACKHUS brand machines are also the choice of professionals in the fields of both soil remediation and substrate mixing.

Feature of the BACKHUS A 60 / A 65 Turners include:

  • Homogenisation, loosening and steady pulping of the material
  • Aeration and supply of oxygen to the compost windrows
  • Throughput capacity of up to 5,500 m³ per hour (depending on input material)
  • Extensive standard equipment of the triangular windrow turner expandable with a wide variety of add-on features
  • Designed for ergonomic operation
  • Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.



BACKHUS Windrow Turners Brochure